Workin’ 9 to 5

Last night, we got to go out on a date night with our friends, the Cash's to a fun dinner and to see the show 9 to 5.  It was AMAZING!  So funny.  I think Courtney and I were doubled over in parts.  In fact a lady in front of us kept giving us the stink eye. I think I laughed louder after that.  

We were really excited because we got to see Brandon's friend from high school, Stephanie J. Block in the role of Judy.  Though I had heard a recording of Stephanie and heard how absolutely gifted she is from Courtney- but last night, I got to experience it first hand.  She was really phenomenal.  We had a double treat- we got to actually go backstage and visit with her for awhile.  What a wonderful woman.  She is warm, welcoming and really funny.  I felt that I was the friend from High School.  Not to mention, she has the cutest dog! : )  Thank you, Brandon and Courtney for arranging it!  And, thank you, Stephanie for your graciousness and sweet spirit!

Here are a few photos….

IMG_0591   OH OH!!  We took the shuttle from the restaurant- a LIMO!  How fun was that!  Complete with a fun driver wearing blue slide bedroom slippers.

IMG_0592 I colored my hair!



Good times!

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