Why is it that

When the temperature hits 106 in OCTOBER, we get sick? 

Why is it that the temperature is 106 in OCTOBER?

Why is it that your nose never runs out of snot?  And where does it all come from?

Why is it that when your son doesn't come out of the bathroom for awhile- it isn't such a good sign?

Why is it that I got this wicked cold 2 days before I have to sing?

Why is it that it is so FREAKIN hot I could literally fry an egg on my sidewalk?

Why is it?


7 thoughts on “Why is it that

  1. Yee haw!! Woo hoo!!! I cant wait!! We’ll welcome it. (ok, maybe not 106, but at least keep it warm!) See u soon. Whats with the forcasted rain on Saturday??? Its not supposed to rain in California (insert song here… “it never rains in California…”)!

  2. Silly girl. Like all things, snot comes from God. And if it is coming out in large quantities, it means He is using it to heal your body! You see, all that nasty snot is keeping germs from further damaging your health.
    Since He’s all-knowing and, therefore, knew that we might struggle with how to deal with with a runny nose, God created Arthur Hoyt Scott, who changed the direction of the Scott Paper company, which led to the invention of the “cold cream towel” or “Kleenex” in 1920, which we all know is the best tissue to use on that nasty mucous discharge.
    So you see, God doesn’t work in mysterious ways (as some people believe), but He is quite methodical in providing for us!
    Here’s the complete history of Kleenex if you’re so inclined to check out their other outstanding inventions – like napkins, Scott towels, Depends, Huggies and um… well, let’s just say God knew we’d be pretty sloppy and messy at times.
    Hope you get well soon!

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