New Yard

Our new backyard!  Still a pergola to go, and some privacy screens, but here we go!!IMG_0429  IMG_0431  IMG_0432 Patio and fire pit- need some furniture- but this used to be a big storage shed.  Isn't it lovely??

IMG_0433 S'mores anyone??


IMG_0436 Front.  Ok, so notice the window that has the lovely wood?  Ok, well.  Sammy broke that window- it is actually in a closet- he was trying to get out to go see his good friend Esther.  Yeah.  He was 4.  Still have to replace it.


9 thoughts on “New Yard

  1. Hey, it looks great–so BIG! I guess when you take out the shed, man, way more space. What kinda furniture? Were the cypress trees always there? I can’t remember.

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