Nope, sorry, not the 80's band…

Our family!!!

Sammy auditioned for the Sound of Music and received the role of Kurt!  And I, Sammy's mom, is actually taking part in the show- as a Sister.  Not sure which one.  But still!  How fun is that. And Miss Carly is Maria- and Esther and Abigail Cash are playing the parts of Marta and Gretel.  AND, Courtney is a Sistah too.  Can you say fun???

The-Sound-of-Music-CD It has been um….20 years since last I actually was in a musical- hello Dr. M and Sarah! : )

And then….

PeterPan My nephew Taylor got the role of Captain Hook/Mr. Darling!!  Tay- cannot WAIT to see it.  WE are so proud of you!!!!

5 thoughts on “Dramarama

  1. OK, so how funny is that Sound of Music illustration? Captain Von Trapp is very angry, up on that hill there! And Maria’s pointy shoes on the grass! Who knew? But anyway, congratulations to Sammy (of course he got the part!) and if you aren’t the nun who says, “Then say it, Sister Margaretta” I will be a little disappointed.

  2. Kurt has all the best lines!!!
    “I haven’t had so much fun since the day we put glue on Fräulein Josephine’s toothbrush!”
    And I will pay good money to see you in a nun’s habit.

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