It Begins….


And so it begins.  5th grade, 2nd grade and pre-school.  So far, so good.  Although, this morning, a bit of the joy was gone.  I think that summer still looms large in the minds of the boys.  Thoughts of river rafting, hiking and Whit's End seem to come to the surface quite often.  I miss them at home too.  But, when they come in the car with a "Hi, Mom!" I smile and can't wait to hear all about their adventures of the day.  Particularly because the field is being re-done- and there are tons of trucks and workers there every day.  Sammy likes to swing to watch them work.  Pretty fun.  And Katie had her first day yesterday.  She loved it.  Loves her teacher.  Life is in full swing.

Michael's dad is doing well.  T-2 days till the Halo comes off.  He is such an inspiration to all of us.  He has handles this so well- and more so, so has Inga.  She is amazing.  What a testimony to her heart for her husband.  I am blessed to call them family.

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