We are home!

Longer post coming, but here are a couple of highlights for you to ponder.

-a visit immediatley to the urgent care clinic in Breckenridge- the minute we got into town.

– a black bear, seen on a hike and playing with our trash cans.

-white water rafting

-go fish, with katie

-teaching the boys 52 card pick up

-amazing stars

-a hot tub

-pancakes and bacon

-quiet and the sound of the wind in the aspens

-a very ill child- complete with vomiting on the way home, a stop at an er, and an amazing husband who found a hotel with comfy beds and flat screen tvs.



A few things

First off, to my sweet sister, Amy, a belated (bloggy, I did call!) Happy Happy Birthday.  I love you!


Secondly, Favorite Photo Friday


and, now, we are packing, crabby, trying to nap, cramping (fun) and so so so looking forward to leaving tomorrow to stay at this little cabin….


I may blog.  I may not blog.  I may just sit in that hot tub, with a big huge diet coke with ice and a straw and tell my children to scamper and find me a pine cone. 

T-3 days and counting….

Until we leave for our family trip (note, Jen, not vacation!!) to Breckenridge. 



Favorite Photo Friday

Markmiller 637editprint

Another amazing photo….thanks Michelle.


In which I am tired of summer…..


I know I am suffering from an illness.  I know I must be.  Because I am officially tired of summer.  We are in the end.  We are all tired of each other.  The kids are restless.  I crave routine.  I desire the earlier evenings, crisp and cool and the quiet of my house during the day.  I miss fall dinners around the table, with candles burning and it being dark outside, before 9pm. I miss weekly dates with my husband.  I miss a bit of time by myself.

I cannot stand the sound of my kids whining and arguing.  I have learned to detest Cartoon Network and the commercials that come along with it.  I am tired of the fighting, the arguing and the constant cries of "I am SO bored"  or my all time favorite, "You NEVER play with us, Mom."  Huh?  You mean, going to the museum, out to lunch, the pool, the park, candyland, coloring, sprinkler running, soccer, duck feeding, and trips to the beach don't qualify?  I am tired of the "aw, why do we have to go to the market?" and "We never get to go anywhere". 

Perhaps my children have become totally spoiled.  Which I think may be the case.  Or, perhaps, just perhaps, it is the end of summer.  And we have had way too much face time.  And we have been together non-stop.  And the whining will NOT stop.  AAAAHHHH. 

This is why homeschooling and the Markmiller 5 would never work.  I like missing them.  And, I am sure, they, in turn, like missing me.  I am sure they would love to be missing me right now- and have a mom who plays with them.  All day. 


Menu Plan Monday (wow, I know, huh?)


Wow.  I am not sure how long it has been since I have posted one of these!  So, without further ado…. our menu. 


B: pancakes, OJ

L: sandwiches, fruit, chips

D: (M&J- out) Kids- mac n cheese, salad


B: baked oatmeal, berried

L: quesedillas, fruit

D: Sopa De Maiz, avocados, salad, sliced mangoes


B: HB eggs, smoothies

L: sandwiches, fruit

D: Cranberry Chicken, rice, fresh green beans


B: cereal with milk

L: chicken noodle soup, fruit

D: marinated flank steak, baked potato, salad


B: toast with PB

L: out

D: leftovers


Dinner: Homemade pizza

Make sure to visit Org. Junkie for more menus!! 


Favorite Photo Friday