The Markmiller 5, to stay


I kind of threw this out there, our decision that our family is complete- at the end of a post.  I just wanted to say how incredibly at peace we are about this.  So while our hearts still pray for orphans all over the world, we feel called to work with orphans and pray for them, but God has really shown us that our family is as He intended. And watching our kids all giggling playing Candyland- made it even clearer.  I have been blessed beyond measure.

3 thoughts on “The Markmiller 5, to stay

  1. Just think of all of those children who already have or are waiting for their new parents, because of your story and strong conviction to intercede for these orphaned babies. Your heart for orphans will always be there, and you are already furthering and helping to better the lives of so many. It must give you goosebumps to read Janelle’s story how God spoke through you and Mike that day to help them take the next step. Now little Madeline is waiting for them. AWESOME!!!

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