Now Let me spell it out for you


Michael and I went on a surprise date last Thursday.  I surprised him- with tickets to The Drowsy Chaperone.  OH MY GOSH.  We had the most wonderful time. 

We had a night away from everything we were dealing with at the time- which was a much needed rest.  And we got to see a show that we have wanted to see for a couple of years. 

When we went to Idaho 2 years ago, we (all 5 of us) fell in love with and memorized the score to The Drowy Chaperone.  What a wonderful show.  So funny- and awesome music.  And as my nephew Taylor says- “the best hour and 45 minutes of your life”.  The character of Adopho- was one of our favorites.  The entire show is wonderful.

Coming tomorrow- part whatever of the Michael and Jenny love saga.  OOOOOOH, I KNOW you can’t wait. : )

By the way- Mike’s dad, is doing much much better.  He still is learning to deal with life in the Halo, but he is all there mentally.  We are so so thankful.


4 thoughts on “Now Let me spell it out for you

  1. how wise of you to know when you a mike need to get away from it all! i am so glad you had that time!
    and how wonderful about mike’s dad…the Lord is so good! love you!

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