How are you?


Jack at Surf Camp

To say this summer has been eventful would be an understatement.  We started with a bang, Katie’s arm- which, thankfully, is healed- and we are knee deep in an unknown land of a broken neck.  In between, we have had an amazing drama production of OLIVER! and some really nice days of playing baseball, soccer, Nerf arrow fights, learning a new score- Thoroughly Modern Mille- and playing outside a lot.

My father-in-law is at home.  It really has been a rough and emotional road.  And for right now, we are not sure what the future holds.  We are very thankful that his neck seems to be healing, and he is not paralyzed.  There are some other issues, that are very very difficult.  And we are not sure what the underlying issues are.  I am not going into it, but please pray for him, for my sweet mother in law and the rest of the family.  Michael has been spending nights out at their home to help out, and Gigi, my amazing sister- in- law is there every day. 

We went out on Saturday- and gave Pop some gentle hugs, and Nana big bear ones.  It is a really difficult thing to see someone you love so much in a condition that is SO unlike him. So hard.

Michael is on his way out to Malibu this morning to put together a bed for Mike’s mom, and to help take Pop to a doctors appointment.  We are really praying to get some answers this morning.  Then, my sweet husband is off to work. My goal for this time is to make his homecoming as warm and as rejuvenating as possible.  He is really weighed down right now.  I just pray that we can be a welcoming island in the sea of the unknown.

I have been much more melancholy and worried this past few weeks.  Perhaps a gut feeling that something more is brewing in this situation.  I pray not.  But, I just can’t shake it.  God is good, I trust that with all my heart.  And I know, without a doubt, that this situation will work out to His glory.  But while we are here in the trenches, sometimes it is hard to see that ladder, the one leading out.

Last night, I think I had hit a breaking point.  I had cried all morning at church, held onto my husband, who was also crying, and tried to explain to 3 concerned children that it is ok to cry and be worried. I have been alone with the kids for a couple of weeks, and was feeling weary.  And about dinner time, when one of them told me they didn’t like what I made for dinner, I lost it.  I just lost it.  Michael looked at me, and hugged me and sent me in my room for a long shower.  Now, mind you, he had been up all night with his dad, and he is taking care of me.  I love that man. 

After my shower, we got a phone call from Judah, yes, baby Judah called, and said he was at Golden Spoon and wondered if Auntie Jenny wanted any.  So, Judah, Courtney and Brandon came over and brought peanut butter yogurt with Reese’s Pieces.  The best.  And we sat and had some fun, non medical conversation.  And laughed.  And I got to snuggle sweet sweet Judah.  It was perfect, just what we needed.  Thank you, Judah- and especially Brandon and Courtney- we love you guys more then you could ever know.

Also, I think we have made a decision on the adoption front as well.  3 is perfect for our family.  Just perfect.

Until next time, please keep us in your prayers.


7 thoughts on “How are you?

  1. I love you and Courtney for being the other sister and your family which is perfect just perfect. I agree whole-heartedly.

  2. Look at Jack!! Oh my goodness! Dude!
    Otherwise, you got it going,Jen. You are strong and wise and a source of unconditional love and comfort to everyone involved. Even when the going gets tough–maybe especially when the going gets tough–remember how important you are to your family and why. Then keep moving forward. You have important things to say and contribute. This is sounding like a hororscope. I love you.

  3. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. And you can call me anytime.
    Lana wants to go back for a visit badly and she keeps pestering us about a brother – Thanks Jack!

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