Consider yourself

At home…

We spent all last week at Drama Camp getting ready for the Gala production of Oliver!  Jack was Charlie, one of the main orphans and Sammy was an orphan too.  I was in awe of the entire production.  It was awesome.  Great cast, so fun.  And great direction- and great hearts of all the kids.  Since Oliver is a story about Orphans, the whole focus of all the Bible Studies during camp was the plight of orphans. There is a family adopting from China right now in our church, so the kids collected change for orphans, from their own piggy banks, and we took a collection each night.  Also one dollar from every ticket went toward the family- who had NO idea why they were in the front row for the performance on Saturday night. The amazing thing- the kids raised $1144.00 for the family.  YEEEE!!!!!  It was amazing to see not only the families faces, but the kids could NOT wait to give this gift to them.  God is good, isn’t He?

On a more personal note, please continue to pray for Mike’s dad.  Recovery is slow, and we are emotionally drained.  But, once again, God is good.  And we are resting on that.

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