A tough day

Our day started rough.  We got a phone call this morning from Michael’s sister telling us that his dad had fallen and possibly broke his neck.  (I KNOW).  SO, we rushed into emergency mode- (thanks, Courtney for watching Katie)- and waited.  Indeed, he broke his neck, the C1 to be exact.  Thankfully he is doing ok.  They took him into surgery to insert a Halo cast- which he will be in for- gulp- months.  No number to that yet.  We are so thankful he is ok.  If it had broken just a tiny bit further, he may have been paralyzed.  God was watching over him. 

Please pray for him- pray for my mother in law as well.  We are postponing our vacation.  We could not imagine going without them. 


2 thoughts on “A tough day

  1. Oh phew, phew–the cast things sucks (what is a Halo cast?) but I’m so glad he will come out whole and able. Hugs all around. I’m sad about your trip 😦

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