Chenzhou Sisters

We had a wonderful treat a couple of weeks ago.  We got to meet and hang out with Gen ( and her daughter, Lana- who is from the same orphanage that Katie is from, Chenzhou.  They were traveling to Guam to visit family and had a layover in LA- and we were able to have dinner with them and spend a little time with this sweet pair.  You know those people that when you meet, you are SURE that you have been friends for years?  That you just jump in with both feet and land in a soft place?  This is how it was with Gen and Lana.  Jack and Lana got along famously- talking math, drawing, movies and video games- Jack even learned the art of Chinese Massage from Lana.  We laughed a lot- and I think we just met some friends for life.  Gen, can’t wait till you come back.  We will have to have a long lunch and you all can stay with us- I promise a much better neighborhood ; ).  And bring Sean.  We might have to come visit you too. Montana won’t know what hit ’em.  Thanks for the fun visit.


3 thoughts on “Chenzhou Sisters

  1. I love following Gen’s blog. I am constantly amazed at Lana’s spirit – being adopted at an older age, adjusting to a new climate, new culture, new parents, new language. And she has done it with such grace. And Gen is so genuine. She tells about her life and struggles and triumphs, keeping it real without falling into pride or pity.
    We should plan a weekday to go to the beach this month. Email me some days that are good for you.
    Also, when are we going to get the next chapter of Mike and Jenny?? 😉

  2. We had so much fun!! And I feel the exact same way about you. Now we just need to bring Sean into the picture and you will have a more accurate view of my crazy life 🙂
    I can’t wait to see all of you again – You are all very welcome to come on over and visit. I’m thinking we’ll send the boys into the woods and the girls can hang out and have fun.
    Many thanks again!!!!!

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