Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!

To my sweet sweet niece, Lindsay-


Happy Birthday! Since the day you were born, you have been a gift to me.  I have watched you grow from a sweet, cute Ariel loving little girl to a beautiful, compassionate, gentle spirited, loving and faithful young woman.  I have been blessed to know you. You are a gift to me, Uncle Michael, Jack, Sammy and Katie Mei. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!  Cannot wait to share a panini with you at the Beach Bar- maybe some pesto too. : )

IMG_0586 Plus, you make a great Grandpa face. : P


2 thoughts on “Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!

  1. thank you! love you so much 🙂 and plus my grandpa face is, to quote my mom, great – great + awful lol. but thanks for the love anyways <3.

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