Recently, we met Michelle Sullivan ( ) (I cannot link things now with typepad, yuck)- and she too some amazing photos of our family.  We just got our CD today- and I am in awe.  Anyone in the OC, please contact Michelle.  She is gifted. 

Markmiller 025editprint Markmiller 127editprint Markmiller 647edit3

9 thoughts on “Family

  1. What great pictures. Sam looks like he is going to take a bite of Katie- so cute. Emma said that Katie looks very pretty. 🙂

  2. Awesome Pix!!! Roy wants to know “who’s Michael’s skinny new girlfriend??” (wink) Youuuu loooook maaaarvelous! Love ya!

  3. So my mom and I are checking out the blog. Scrolling down, we get to these pictures, and, upon seeing the last one we both went “OOHHHH!!” at the same time. What wonderful pictures!! The last one is perfect. Jack’s big brother-ness in this pic almost makes me cry..

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