Now, if she would JUST sit still

Ok, so if you, as an adult, broke your elbow- spent the day in pain, had many x-rays, then had surgery where 2 pins were inserted into said elbow- how would you be today?

If you are anything like me, you would be laid up in bed, with a wet cloth over your eyes, crying in pain, puking from the meds, and trying NOT to think about the pins holding my BONES together.

What is my almost 4 year old doing?  Digging in the dirt, trying to climb on the table, running around and scaring me to death.  Then when she hits the wall, crying and wanting only to be with me. 

Then why oh why does she not relish in the bed we have fashioned for her on the couch- with Charlie and Lola ready to go at the drop of a hat, cold beverages at her disposal and her favorite toys within reach?

Oh, yeah.  Because she is almost 4.


5 thoughts on “Now, if she would JUST sit still

  1. I don’t have anything broken and I’m slightly over 4, but I’m sooo willing to take up the offer on the couch and suffer through Lola and Charlie. I presume the selection of cold beverages is a wide one?
    I’m glad to see all is well, except for the whole wall thing.
    Cold beverage for you? 🙂

  2. Cool! Party at Jenny’s! I’ll bring the brownies.
    Glad to see she’s recovered from surgery nicely. You will too, I promise!

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