I didn’t mean it literally!

That Summer turns me upside down comment.  For corn's sake- it is only a song.

And a little bit of truth now for the Markmiller family.  In particular the littlest Markmiller.

Katie Mei broke her arm yesterday.  She was jumping on our death trap (trampoline) and happened to land on her arm.  Totally broke it at the elbow.  So, I called our doctor who said to bring her in right away- and I am so thankful I did.  Katie and I went off to the doctor- and she sent her for Xrays- and saw immediatley that her elbow was broken.  So, she called the Pediatric orthopedic specialist, but their office was closed. So she found out who the doc. on call was and was REALLY happy that this particular doctor was on call.

Dr. Wong then explained that this type of break was a difficult one.  And it probably would need surgery. 

We then were sent on our way to Millers Childrens Hospital.  I CANNOT sing their praises high enough.  Every single person who we met- AMAZING.  So, we were ushered into the ER, where we met our doctor, and a couple other doctors.  Quickly found out that surgery was the agenda for Katie.  She was SO SO brave the entire time.  I was in awe of her. 

Katie hospital This was before surgery- with her chicken that she got from the XRAY tech for being such a great patient.  I think the most awful part for me as a mom was when they gave her the medicine to put her out before they wheeled her into the operating room.

I totally lost it. Michael was amazing to me.  We went and waited for about an hour and then the surgeon came out to say everthing went well- she has two pins in her elbow.  They will stay in for about 3-4 weeks and then they will be removed and she will wear a cast for another 3 weeks.

We were supposed to be able to see her in about 15 minutes, but she decided to freak out her parents a little and have a hard time waking up.  Finally after about an hour, we got to go see our little one.  She looked so tiny.  The nurses in recovery were in love with her, giving her extra popcicles.  And the best part of it all is we were able to bring her home last night.

So, we are so thankful.  God really was blessing us the entire way- with amazing friends, nurses and doctors.  Please pray for Katie Mei though- she is in a TON of pain today.  We are blessed beyond measure.


8 thoughts on “I didn’t mean it literally!

  1. aaaaah . . . I’m praying for your Katie Mei as I type!
    What a sweet trooper . . . but I’m praying the Lord gives relief from the pain, quickly!!!
    Someday I imagine our Katie Mei will end up in the ER – she’s a little maniac!

  2. Aww! Poor baby! Ouch! And poor mommy to have to see her daughter in pain. Owie.
    I remember when Caroline had her tonsils out. She was 3 years old and just 26 pounds and I was so scared they would mess up the anesthesia, let alone having surgery! When they took her in the room and she was crying, it was all I could do to hold my tears back until they closed the doors so she wouldn’t see me cry.
    So, why would they give a CHICKEN to such a brave girl?? 🙂
    Hope she mends quickly. Great way to start the summer, no?

  3. Aww, what a brave girl. I hope her elbow heals quickly and she can get a cool cast.
    Jack has had 2 hand surgeries and the medicine & anesthesia are so difficult. You have to trust in God and have faith in the surgeons. I am so glad that the surgery went well.

  4. K-K-K-Katie, beautiful Katie, she’s the only g-g-g-girl that we adore! God speed Katie Mei! Abigail sends kisses. xoxoxox see you soon!

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