Summer summer summer

You turn me upside down….

Well.  It is here.  Summer vacation.

And right now, we are in the transitional phase.  You know, that early phase of "we are all in the same space at the same time for lots of hours" phase.  The one where the children ask about a million times a day why they can't watch TV all day or have their game privileges back.  Or why we can't go to Disneyland or Lego Land or Get far away from MAMA land….or just to Target to look at the toy section.

It is the cries of "I'm bored." "there is NOTHING to do" and "can I have a snack?"  The moments of brotherly love shown with smack downs and shin kicks.  The sweet sound of yelling about who makes their bed the best, and glitter glue on the door frame.

Pray for me friends as I dive head first into the pool of Summer Vacation.  I want to be able to swan dive and land safely in a warm wonderful pool of no school, no lunches, late evenings playing at the park, walks to Foster Freeze, sandy toes, Coppertone smelling tanned backs, Frisbee, and mostly just being a family together.

Ahhhh, sweet summer.  Indeed you turn me upside down.


4 thoughts on “Summer summer summer

  1. No schedules to keep, no homework to correct, no scheduling errands around picking up the kids from school….
    Boredom and occasional bickering? Small price to pay for free time, home-made ice cream, corn on the cob, watermelon faces, brown babies-even with 50 sunscreen, catching sand crabs and seashells, and picnic in the park on 4th of July! I know you agree.
    Summer! Bring it on, baby!

  2. When it was the first week of summer vacation, I let free reign on the tv. I said it was the only week where I would let them watch as much as they wanted. They grew tired of it fast.. After that we set up limits. Seemed to work ok. You are a terrific Mom! Happy Summer!

  3. Why do I always think summer will be more relaxing? Once you sync into a routine, it’ll all calm down, Relaxing? No. But better, yes! xo

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