More Creepy Kids Shows

Since my last post, I have been alerted to many more creepy kids shows.  So here are a few that make the list.

2926-More-PufnstufI was WRONG about the Magic Flute being in Sigmund and the Sea Monster, it was in THIS MONSTROSITY- HR Pufnstuf.  WHO made this?  WHO?  WHO?  Ok,  I actually know who made it, but WHY?  HOW?  What illegal drugs were they on?  EWWWWWWW!!!!

Dustystan4Dusty's Treehouse.  Puppets.  And a man talking to them.  Like they are real.  With strings.  Enough said.

Isis3 Oh Mighty Isis. What is with the headband?  And why a crow?  And look at that eye shadow.

Landlost2Land of the Lost.  Aniraka HorryChaka and the Sleestaks.  Look at the look of horror on Holly's face.  Wow,  that acting.  And the sets.  And the theme song.  Love it all.

Shazam-actionSHAZAM!  Ok, now really.  Shazam?  Remember how he used to travel in an RV, and go inside to speak to the "elders" who were like these talking head things?  Oh my gosh.  Who came up with this? 

But the sad fact is, friends, that I watched every one of these shows. And enjoyed them.  Though somehow all of them scared me a little.  And now, scare the bejeebers out of me.  I am getting old.  Or smart.


6 thoughts on “More Creepy Kids Shows

  1. Shamelessly namedropping here… I went to Jr. High with Phillip Paley who played Chucka on Land of the Lost. And yes, he was very short for his age.

  2. OK, now you are messing with one of my favorites when I was little, “Isis”. I also enjoyed “Shazam” but have to see if you remember “Bigfoot and Wildboy”, ohhh I thought Wildboy was cute. Really glad my taste changed.

  3. Ok for you Days of our lives fans, did you know that Deidre Hall who has been on Days for decades, was Electra Woman from Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?

  4. Was it Oh Mighty Isis-Isis-Isis-Isis or Shazam where they sat in a high-stylin’ van with a hibachi full of deodorant crystals, waiting for their next assignment?

  5. I loved all of these shows, except for I don’t recognize Dusty’s Treehouse at all. Maybe I’m too old for that one??? Thanks for the flashback!

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