Baby Caleb

Congratulations Ben, Kristine and Isabel on the SPEEDY arrival of Caleb Ho!!  What a beautiful baby boy.  And I am so GLAD you made it to the hospital in time!  We love you guys!!!!



Happy Happy Happy Birthday Lindsay!!!!

To my sweet sweet niece, Lindsay-


Happy Birthday! Since the day you were born, you have been a gift to me.  I have watched you grow from a sweet, cute Ariel loving little girl to a beautiful, compassionate, gentle spirited, loving and faithful young woman.  I have been blessed to know you. You are a gift to me, Uncle Michael, Jack, Sammy and Katie Mei. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!  Cannot wait to share a panini with you at the Beach Bar- maybe some pesto too. : )

IMG_0586 Plus, you make a great Grandpa face. : P

Favorite Photo Friday




Recently, we met Michelle Sullivan ( ) (I cannot link things now with typepad, yuck)- and she too some amazing photos of our family.  We just got our CD today- and I am in awe.  Anyone in the OC, please contact Michelle.  She is gifted. 

Markmiller 025editprint Markmiller 127editprint Markmiller 647edit3


Camp Markmiller

What an absolute delight my niece Carson is.  Since her camp got postponed because of fires, she came over for Camp Markmiller!  We have had an awesome time- complete with a trip to Chuck. E. you know where, crafts, guitar hero and spaghetti for dinner- a trip to the beach with Dad to boogie board and S'mores.  And for now, they are headed off to the back yard to camp out in the tent and be surrounded by Tiki Torches a'la Michael.  : )  Fun Day!!

IMG_9836 IMG_9839 IMG_9846 IMG_9848 IMG_9854 IMG_9875 IMG_9885 IMG_9887


Carson goes to camp

My sweet niece, Carson, is leaving very soon to go to camp for the first time. 

IMG_0637 Cars,  we miss you already- but know you will have an absolutely amazing time at camp!!  We cannot wait to hear all your stories when you come home.  We love you!!


Favorite Photo Friday