Recent Photos

Life is in full swint in the Markmiller home.  We have been, it seems, in constant motion. Parties- lots lately- including one fun Louisiana Crawfish bbq- ok, and YUM.  Why have I never had those before?  Too yummy.  Another baby shower- a birthday dinner with girlfriends.  IT has been fun.

On the adoption front,  I am hoping we come to a conclusion soon.  I think I know where both of us are leaning, but we are both waiting in fear.  Sheesh.  Other then that, kid updates- Jack is doing great.  He is almost done with 4th grade.  Amazingly bright and loves being athletic.  Plus, he has the best bicepts I have ever seen.  REALLY!  Those who have seen them are in awe.  Sam- oh sweet Sammy.  Almost done with 1st grade, he is a lamb.  He just is goofy and sweet.  What I love about Sam the most I think is that he can play rough and tumble with the boys at school, and then come home, need a cuddle and to hold onto his Kitty- his best pal. (a black and white stuffed cat).  Watching him perform is one of my very favorite things.  And then there is Miss Katie Mei.  FUNNY beyond words.  Two gems my almost 4 year old has come up with lately…. we were visiting Aunt Amy's and she was having some issues not being able to go to the bathroom.  So we were sitting in the bathroom together and she was, well, straining.  SO she says while pushing with all her might "MOM!  I DIDN'T EAT ENOUGH VEGETABLES" and then, while I tried not to giggle, she grabbed a breath, went back to her work and said "GET ME A CARROT!"  I had to leave the bathroom to laugh.

The other thing she said was yesterday in the car-" Momma, we really need to go to China to adopt my baby sister.  We need to." and I kinda blinked hard and said "why do you think that, Katie?" and she said "because she needs us, and we will love her already." We haven't been talking much at all about adopting again-not to the kids yet.  Is this the sign that I have been asking God for?  I don't know, but I will tell you one thing, it sure melted my heart a little.

Ok, sorry for rambling and here are some recent photos of the kids….

IMG_9592 IMG_9629 IMG_9582 IMG_9702


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