Menu Plan Monday


Back at it…here ya go!


B: Eggs, turkey bacon

L: PB&J, carrots, grape tomatoes, squeezy yogurt, rice cakes

D: Baked parmesan tilapia, big salad, roasted asparagus


B: granola and fruit parfait

L: turkey sandwich, sliced cucmber, pretzles, fruit roll

D: taco salad, chips


B: Smoothie pops, hard boiled egg

L: pasta, carrots and celery, granola bar

D: chili with cornbread dumplings, salad


B: cereal with milk

L: tortilla roll up sandwiches, squeezy yogurt, fruit, chips

D: leftovers


B: PB toast, banana

L: hot lunch

D: nachos and salad


B: pancakes

L: out

D:  bbq chicken, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob

Go visit Laura for more yummy menu ideas!!

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