Where do the weeks go?  Can someone explain this to me?

So, tomorrow is the BIG BABY SHOWER for you know who.  I feel like I should possibly be more stressed out.  But I am not.  I have so many amazing friends helping- truly, it will be fun.  I am planning something kinda funny though, don’t want to spoil it, but if if pulls off well, I will let you know.

Today is laundry catch up, baking, menu planning and some organization.  Fun huh?

And what pray tell have we been thinking and praying about?  We are still up in the air about? 


We are considering adopting again.  From China.  Possibly special needs.


We are so mixed.  A HUGE part of both of us is feeling led back to China.  And a tiny part of us tells us we are absolutely crazy for thinking of 4 kids.  So we are both praying and just waiting.  Although I keep having pictures of a little girl with a missing forearm.  Hmmm.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Oh!  I have to say that I LOVE the internet sometimes, so much.  I just came in contact with a friend I have so often thought of over the past 15 years- whom I missed.  LOVE IT!!


5 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. Aaaaaah . . . I wondered if your little bloggy break had anything to do with China!
    I can’t wait to see how the Lord leads you . . . maybe you’ll be the Mom of 4 someday, maybe not, but I’m confident He’ll give you direction and peace!

  2. Well, speaking from someone who is going for their FIFTH child who is special needs, I say GO! 😉 After you have 3, 4 does not really seem like that much more. (I say this even w/ my 4th being a spicy girl!) And it is a nice even number. And their are babies, who need mommies and siblings and 2 from china just seems right! It is a big decision, that is for sure. Will pray God lets you hear Him clearly.

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