Monday Monday

Well.  The kids are back in school.  And the house was quiet all morning.  I feel like I accomplished more today then I did in 2 weeks.  I grocery shopped, Target shopped, folded laundry, worked out, cleaned my oven….uh….emptied the dishwasher, made beds, picked up stuff….called my sister and thanked her again for the sleepover, spent time praying and got stuff to make invitations for a baby shower I am semi hosting.  I say semi, because it is HUGE.  Well, when you are my sweet popular friend, who also happens to be a pastor’s wife, then ya gotta go big.  Especially if you have 3 girls and are now carrying a boy!!  I am excited to be throwing this shower.  Though it will be different then others that I have thrown.  Considering I have to make about 300 invitations.  Thankfully, not at my house.  And if you have seen my house you would be laughing at the thought of 300 people in it.  Off to fold some more, help with homework and make some cute invites!


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