She makes me laugh


Michael and I often call each other for the Katie quote of the day.  She comes up with some fun stuff.  Ask Amy and Meg- they have been on the receiving end as well.  Some gems- "my friend doesn’t pray before she drinks juice.  Don’t tell my mom" , "Patrick is a starfish, Squidward is a Squid, Sandy is a squirrel, and Spongebob is a Square Pants."  "my bottom burped".  Only to name a few.

Last night, however, Michael and Katie and I were driving home from the market (the boys were at Pioneer Club) and she made up a song.  She makes up songs every day.  Sometimes 3 times a day or more.  And, they usually end in a Christmas Carol.  Or morph into "I’m a Little Snowman".  Sometimes, though we get some doozy’s.  This was one of those times.

From the backseat: "I am going to sing a song for you.  It is called, "It’s a Wheel and you don’t have one."

It’s a Wheel and you don’t have one.

It was a really long song too.  About a wheel.  And how you don’t have one.

A little glimpse into the mind of Katie Mei.


10 thoughts on “She makes me laugh

  1. Too funny! She’s so wacky! Her bottom burped! Still smiling about that one!
    I was getting Caroline ready for bed the other night and as I pulled her shirt over her head, she said, “Mommy, that cracked my head-ankle (her neck)” Made me giggle.

  2. a note from my mom, Trish
    “let me take this opportunity to come out and say that i too burp out of my bottom”

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