Saturday Dinner and my amazing Brother in Law

Yesterday was a banner day in the Markmiller home.  Earlier in the week, we actually lost a member of the family.  One of our sweet pet rats, Gracie died.  We knew she was not well, and she was old, but it still is sad.  This was Jack’s rat.  Sammy’s rat, Maddie is doing well, thriving on all the love and treats all of us seem to shower upon her.  So, we have been spending a lot of time deciding what pet to get next.  So, Jack chose a small Winter White hamster.  She is so sweet *I will post photos later.  She is noisy, and little and very cute.  Her name is Snowy.

We got a phone call from my sister, Meg, to let us know they were coming our way to go to a new vegetarian restaurant and wanted to know if we would like to join them!  We had an AMAZING meal.  Yummy!!!  And fun conversation, a trip to a really cool toy store (with a crabby adoptive mom, I may tell that story later)…then Meg, Jaime and Carson came over for a visit!  I love hanging out with you guys.

One of the coolest things is we found out that my brother in law, Jaime is featured on our local PBS station in a wonderful interview.  Here is a link- make sure not only to watch the interview, but look at the photos as well, I think it is labeled multi media.  Jaime is a gifted beyond gifted artist.  We love you!!   

Hope you all have a great Sunday!


3 thoughts on “Saturday Dinner and my amazing Brother in Law

  1. let me know when you are posting pictures of the rat. I’ll be sure NOT to come check out your page that day. 🙂

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