Of sore throats and blog breaks

Ok, so after a couple of weeks of kids having colds and sore throats, it is my turn.  And I am going to take a little blogging break. 

Not for a long while, but we are kinda making some decisions about some things.  How vague is that, huh?  All good, but just need to focus on things for a bit. 

Catch Y’all on the flipside.



Double Trouble

I know that Courtney posted these- but I couldn’t not put a couple on my blog.  Katie Mei was shopping with me last night at Target and she fell in love with this shirt- I explained that she didn’t have a twin.  So she looks at me and then opens her mouth wide and gasps and says "Sarah!!" and so we bought two Double Trouble shirts for two best friends.  Awesome photos Courtney Bortney!!