3 years ago, we walked into a small non-descript building in Changsha, China.  In a moment, our lives changed.  This family of four, became a family of 5 in a moment.  Today, we celebrate the day we met Chen Jing Ying.  Katie Mei entered our lives.  And we are blessed.  Beyond measure.  She is a joy.  She brings our family laughter, wonderment and thankfulness.  We have grown because of her.  The Lord has given us a most precious gift.  We love you sweet Jingying.  Happy Gotcha Day.



8 thoughts on “3 YEARS

  1. Jenny,
    I remember your Gotcha Day . . . we were following along on Story of You, celebrating and rejoicing with your family . . . even though we had never emailed or connected!
    What a joy it’s been to now connect and get a further glimpse into your ridiculously adorable family!

  2. Yep, God sooo directed the hand of the CCAA to bring precious and wacky Katie Mei into your wacky family 🙂
    We were in that same room just over 3 years ago (March 14, 2005) and remembering your journey not long after we arrived home. We were exhausted, but I was still glued to TSOY to see Katie with her family and not just a referral picture (cute as it was!)
    Congratulations on your Forever Family Day, Katie Mei Markmiller!

  3. Katherine Mei Jing-Ying “Pinkalicious” Markmiller…. life became so much better with you in it!
    Glad we all GOTCHA!!!
    Love you lots, Aunt Amy… “Nothing….”

  4. Yep, we were right there watching too – I LIVED on your blog everyday to see Katie being put in your arms – I just loved watching knowing we would soon be in your shoes! God is SO Good!!!

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