Easter 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We sure did.  It was so HOT here!!  Here are a few photos- thanks Courtney for taking such amazing photos. : )  Looking to the future with a couple of them…



Easter20086  Best Friends

Easter20088 Jack and Abigail

Easter200811 Sammy and Esther.  Blue eyes.  Trouble. (in the best way)

Easter200813 With our friend Jacie.  : )


6 thoughts on “Easter 2008

  1. I LOVE all these pictures. They are all looking so grown up. Nice job to Courtney and Brandon for bringing one more sweet face into the mix.

  2. OK, is it just me or does Katie Mei look like a Chinese Markmiller? By that I mean that she looks like she was born to you both, just Chinese.
    Wierd, huh?
    Love you guys and the pictures!

  3. Aw! Adorable Pix! Could u send some of that heat this way? We were hunting eggs in winter coats, hats and mittens! BRR…. so much for the cute spring dress covered up in a sweater!

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