Menu Plan Monday


Menu Monday- again??  Yeehaw…


B: Fruit, homemade granola, yogurt

L: chicken noodle soup, crackers, sliced turkey, grapes

D: homemade mac and cheese, broccoli


B: Smoothies (PB, bananas, tofu), whole wheat toast with jam

L: Pasta, edamame, berries, cookie

D: Grilled chicken with cecca, whole wheat pasta, spinach


B: Hard boiled eggs, organic pop tarts (THEY SELL THESE AT COSTCO!!!)

L:  Chicken slices, biscuits, applesauce, carrots

D:  Turkey chili, tortillas (I am trying to make these!), salad


B:  PB, banana and honey on toast

L:  Out for lunch

D: Pork chops, angel hair, broccoli


B:  Pancakes, turkey bacon

L:  quesedillas, fruit

D:  leftovers


B: Tortillas with eggs and cheese

L:  sandwiches, chips, fruit

D:  Homemade pizza, cesar salad

What is your week like???

3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. What is cecca?
    I am going to make one-point turkey chili tonight and try to eat that for most of the week. Aside from that, it’s all salads with broiled chicken. I’m in love with Paul Newman’s Light Cranberry Walnut salad dressing.

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