A night with Carson

I had the best time taking my amazing niece, Carson, out to sushi and to see Wicked last night.  I had such a wonderful time with her.  She is a sweet, really bright, hysterically funny young woman- and I am so thankful that I could take some time just to be with her. 

We had a fun dinner- Inari, cucmber roll, steamed rice and edamame….and then on to the show.  There is a new Elphaba- Eden Espinosa left- so a woman named Cassie Levy is playing Elphaba.  I have to say, I LOVED her.  Possibly even a bit more then Eden.  It was amazing.

The thing I think I loved most, though, was watching Carson watch the show.  What a sweet gift to be able to spend time with family.  Carson, THANK YOU for coming with me last night!!!  I had such a fun time with you.  English accents and all- CONGRATULOTIONS!! : )  I love you!!


4 thoughts on “A night with Carson

  1. You probably know that that first reply was from Cars, right? Now it’s my turn! Thanks again for giving our Beez such a special night. We went to the bookstore tonight and she sat with a big Wicked book, explaining to me all the characters and happenings. She will carry the evening with her for a long time. You’re a dear sister and a wonderful aunt and I am touched!

  2. What fun! so how many times have you seen Wicked now? How did you get into the VIP room? I need your connections. 🙂 I want to take Gwyneth to see it in a few years. We love the music, and I really want to see it again. We are headed to Chicago thsi summer, so maybe I’ll get to see it again there.

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