Menu Plan Monday


Spring Break Edition!

Have a great week….


B: Pancakes, melon

L: Burritos

D: Out with friends!! In-N-Out baby!!


B: hardboiled eggs, toast, fruit

L: turkey and cheese, pretzles, grapes

D: Mile High Tortilla Pie, salad, chips


B: oatmeal, oj

L: grilled cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, chips

D: grilled chicken, brown rice, broccoli


B: scrambled eggs and cheese in tortillas

L: bagels with cream cheese, fruit

D: leftovers


B:  cereal with milk

L: ???

D: Homemade Pizza, cesar salad




3 years ago, we walked into a small non-descript building in Changsha, China.  In a moment, our lives changed.  This family of four, became a family of 5 in a moment.  Today, we celebrate the day we met Chen Jing Ying.  Katie Mei entered our lives.  And we are blessed.  Beyond measure.  She is a joy.  She brings our family laughter, wonderment and thankfulness.  We have grown because of her.  The Lord has given us a most precious gift.  We love you sweet Jingying.  Happy Gotcha Day.





Well.  Notice, I have not said much of my big running expedition.  Uh.  Well.  That is because it didn’t take.  I have had sick children, rain, dogs that wanted to poop more then run. And, to tell you the truth, no joy in the running. I didn’t get to the point that everyone tells me I would get to and love the running thing.

So, what to do.  In July, we are headed here…


Which means, I will not only be doing lots of this….




But I will need to be comfortable wearing this….


So.  What is a girl to do?  Well, I am going to work with a trainer.  I am so stinkin excited.  I met with the owner of the personal training place yesterday and really like her, so I am meeting tomorrow with a trainer.  Then on Monday, with a nutritionist- and having my food diary looked at. I have decided not to try and eat nothing for the weekend, but be honest with what I am eating this weekend so that she can see and help!  Well.  Here goes nothing.


Family life for me, growing up, was not always the easiest.  I am the youngest of 5- and a COMPLETE surprise to my parents, who probably thought their baby days were way over.  Life was not always easy, nor was it always fun.  I often found myself lonely, angry and belittled.  I floundered in self doubt, dappled in self loathing and reveled in self pity.  But, I had my sisters.

My oldest brother and sister had moved out of the house (being 20 and 18 when I was born) before I was even born.  So, it has always been Amy, Meg and me.  We shared a lot growing up.  We were together a lot too.  Most weekends, Amy was with me- and Meg too, when she was home.  I can say with honesty that my times with my sisters were the times that I was truly happy.  They gave me the security I craved.  They loved me with their whole hearts.  I was such a little girl, yet they took care of me, loved me and raised me. 

As we have all matured, I am in constant awe of the relationship I have with my sisters.  I know that I have 2 allies that I can turn to with any situation.  They will be honest, they will be open, they will tell me the truth.  They will love me no matter what.  And they KNOW me.  They know my heart, they know what makes me cry and how I will react to a situation.  We can call each other and with a sigh and a word, know what is bothering each other.  We can make each other laugh till we cry.  We know which Brady Bunch and I Love Lucy episode it is simply by the music at the beginning.  With a look, we can convey frustration, confoundment, amusement and utter disdain.  And the others get it.

Our lives have traveled so many different directions.  But one constant has remained.  The relationship and bond we share as sisters. 

Amy, Meg, I am so blessed to call you my sisters.  You have shaped me into the woman I am today.  You have molded my heart.  You are a part of me.  And I am thankful daily to the Lord for the blessing you both are to me.  I love you.

Easter 2008

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  We sure did.  It was so HOT here!!  Here are a few photos- thanks Courtney for taking such amazing photos. : )  Looking to the future with a couple of them…



Easter20086  Best Friends

Easter20088 Jack and Abigail

Easter200811 Sammy and Esther.  Blue eyes.  Trouble. (in the best way)

Easter200813 With our friend Jacie.  : )


It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

It was Friday, and my Jesus is dead on a tree. But that’s Friday, and Sunday’s coming.

Friday, Mary’s crying her eyes out, the disciples are running in every direction like sheep without a shepherd. But that’s Friday, and Sunday’s coming.

Friday, some are looking at the world and saying, “As things have been, so they shall be. You can’t change nothing in this world! You can’t change nothing in this world!” But they didn’t know that it was only Friday, and Sunday’s coming.

Friday, them forces that oppress the poor and keep people down, them forces that destroy people, the forces in control now, them forces that are gonna rule, they don’t know it’s only Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

Friday, people are saying, “Darkness is gonna rule the world, sadness is gonna be everywhere,” but they don’t know it’s only Friday, but Sunday’s coming.

Even though this world is rotten, as it is right now, we know it’s only Friday. But Sunday’s coming!