Sick and New Make-Up

Ok, folks- I am sick.  Truly.  Sick, sick, sick.   Fever, aches, pains. YUCK.  But, mommies have to go on with life….so here I am- after a Costco trip, and sorting laundry….blogging.

I wanted to share my new purchase.  I bought make-up. Yummy, new make-up.  Courtney and I went shopping last week at Sephora together…and bought….


So here are some sickie before and after from this morning….

Img_0510 Yummo! : )  Ok, so keep in mind, y’all, I like natural looking makeup.  I don’t like to wear a bunch of stuff.  But, I wanted to even out my skin tone.

Img_0515  Well?


11 thoughts on “Sick and New Make-Up

  1. I just got over that sick! It is NASTY!! Get in bed and feed the kids cereal!
    As for the make-up…I LOVE THAT STUFF!!!! I am like you, minimal and this make-up is oh so yummy for making you feel beautiful! You did a great job!

  2. Wow-it really looks good. I have heard of this mineral make-up, but haven’t tried it myslef. I like simple, easy, ight make-up for day-to-day use too. Maybe I will try it. We have a Sephora opening here in Boise on Friday.

  3. Oh dear! I hope you feel better. Let me know if you need some laundry/shopping/schlepping/childcare help, we’re happy to! I think you look fabulous with or without makeup. Wicked city woman. Vamp me some more!

  4. I have used Bare Minerals for about 4 years. LOVE it! I also prefer a more natural look and this does the job without feeling like it was put on with a trowel.
    Looking good Momma!
    PS: I had that flu 2 weeks ago. Knocked me on my keister for 2 days. Yuck!

  5. you are lookin’ hot even if you don’t feel so hot!! at least you are doing the important things in life when you are sick….blogging!?

  6. i agree with laura, you are beautiful before and after. I know a ton of people you use those products. They are supposed to be great for your skin.

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