My Funny Valentine

We had the best time last night!!  Our church had an AMAZING Valentine’s Dinner Dance last night.  We got to get all gussied up, ate some SPECTACULAR food- (think 4 course meal, yummy tomato soup with creme fraiche, cesar salad, the most tender beef on yummy mashed potatoes and spinach, and the most heavenly chocolate lava cake with raspberries)- a rousing and hysterical rendition of The Not So Newlywed Game- and dancing.  It really was so much fun.  Here are a few photos from the night. 


Img_0435 This is most of the girls from our small group Bible Study- LOVE THIS GROUP!!  Not only did we all wear matching black dresses with boobalicious necklines (helloooooo Lola)….but we started and ended the dancing.  You guys are the BEST.

Img_0438 SHEESH!  All the preggo women boozing it up again.  (*not really, yummy guava juice cocktails)

Img_0440 The Cash’s

Img_0441 And, the Ho’s. 

Fun.  We are blessed with our church family.


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