Day 1- Couch to 5k


So, I did it!  I did day one.  And DADGUMIT, those stinkin 60 seconds of "running" (with me it should be called pseudo running.  Really it should be called jogging.  Kinda.  Kinda like walking fast as if trying to get to the bathroom before you pee a little in your pants.) seemed like FOREVA!

I aimed for 30 minutes.  I was pushing Katie in the jogger, and trying to keep her entertained.  Whilst at the same time, trying to time myself- with a kitchen timer, mind you, because I have no other stop watch.  I was fielding questions about squirrels, babies from China, cookies and Calliou.  As well as a couple of "Momma, why are you breathing funny?"  I was watching the road to see which way to go and not be seen by too many people.  And, I was trying not to give up.

I didn’t!  I was ready to at 20 minutes (which the idea is to run for 20-30 minutes)- but I pushed it.  And I made it to 25.  I was really proud and excited to have made it that long.  And, I think I will do my exercise on Katie’s preschool days.  : )  But I did it!!


8 thoughts on “Day 1- Couch to 5k

  1. Make Katie help you. Give her a job ie, check off a mark after every minute, every 5 minutes, or every time you run. Tell her you’re concentrating and need her to help you by concentrating on momma’s health chart. Just a suggestion for those days you still want to get out there and have Katie with you.

  2. you go girl! I’m so proud of you. I wish I could join you. Don’t worry, once I have the baby, I’ll be running along side you!!!

  3. Way to go!!! You took those first steps which are the hardest!!! I am NOT a runner, either! Wish I was! Maybe when we get settled after our move in March I will have more time to dedicate to something like this. Good luck!

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