Motivation to move

I am in dire need of motivation to get off my butt and move my body.  I feel better when I am working out- and I sleep better, am less crabby, etc.  So I found this Couch to 5k online and am going to start it tomorrow.  Anyone else wanna join me?


Hey, Lola– have you heard of this?


10 thoughts on “Motivation to move

  1. Hey Jenny,
    This is on of my favorite running site and I read this a long while back. I think it sounds good, there are so many principles that ring true for everyone.
    Set it on fire… let it burn!

  2. I’d love to – oh yeah, I really shouldn’t be running right now. You can come over and drag my dog down the street anytime. He would actually prefer to run I’m sure.

  3. Jen,
    I’ll run with you anytime! I like to run and have been known to make my couch-to-mashed-potatoes dog run with me. I think there is a couch-to-5k podcast, which would be lots easier than using a stopwatch. Google it and see. Wanna work toward running a 5K together?

  4. Meg, I would LOVE it!!! That would be awesome. And, a podcast would be so much easier- considering I would have to buy a stopwatch. I will look online and see if I can find a 5k in April or early May!! : ) YEEEEHAWWW!!!

  5. Yen – i totally did this *exact* couch-to-5K program back when I started running again. It’s a GREAT program and really works! This is very cool!!!!
    Now I must make you a mixed tape, er, cd of running songs that you can put on your Ipod!

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