Pinkalicious and Glasses

Katie Mei is in love.  Yes, it is true.  Her first love.

And, it is a book.  How much do I love this girl?  We gave this book…


to Katie Mei for Christmas.  SHE ADORES IT.  I mean, love affair to the max. (oooh, how ’80’s of me)  So, we decided to make pink pink pink cupcakes just like Pinkalicious.  Here are a couple of photos of the frosting of them…


Img_0352 sharing is fun!

Img_0378 There ya have it, folks. 


8 thoughts on “Pinkalicious and Glasses

  1. This has been a favorite of Gwyneth’s for quite some time. This Christmas we got her “Purplicious”. Cute, but not as good as the original. If she likes that, have you heard of “Fancy Nancy”? Another GREAT book for the girlie girl in all of us!
    Love the hair and glasses on you, too!

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