Off to SD


Check out my nephew- Fagin!!!  I cannot wait to see you tonight, Tay!  Love you!!!  And, catch y’all on the flipside.  I am feeling MUCH better by the way.


Feeling punky


I am still feeling kinda low.  My fever was up again last night.  And now, just kinda yuck.  Tomorrow we have a BIG day ahead- and I CANNOT wait to go see my nephew Taylor in Oliver.  Tay- I am so so excited.  And we get to see Lindsay- as well as my sister Susan from PA- who is flying in for a celebration of my mom’s birthday.  SOOOO, off to drink more water, tea and take advil and mucinex.  Oh, and do laundry.  Oh, and play tea party.  Oh, wait, I have to take the dogs out too.  Harumph.  Life of a sick mommy.

Sick and New Make-Up

Ok, folks- I am sick.  Truly.  Sick, sick, sick.   Fever, aches, pains. YUCK.  But, mommies have to go on with life….so here I am- after a Costco trip, and sorting laundry….blogging.

I wanted to share my new purchase.  I bought make-up. Yummy, new make-up.  Courtney and I went shopping last week at Sephora together…and bought….


So here are some sickie before and after from this morning….

Img_0510 Yummo! : )  Ok, so keep in mind, y’all, I like natural looking makeup.  I don’t like to wear a bunch of stuff.  But, I wanted to even out my skin tone.

Img_0515  Well?


A Very Special visit

While we were away in DC, we got to visit some of my very favorite friends.  My amazingly wonderful friend, Carol, her hubby, Roy and their BEAUTIFUL and sweet and funny and smarter then all get out daughter, Megan.  We had such a fun visit- egg hunts, hide and seek, yummy lunch and hanging out with our sweet sweet friends.  We can’t wait to see you guys in October!!  We love you so much.  Thanks for letting us hang with you.

Img_0483_2 Sweet Megan

Img_0484 Isn’t she beautiful!!

Img_0485 Sweet friend- XOXO


Phone Conversation with my husband…..

Mike:  Come out here, I am only half a man with out you here.

Me: So, does that make me half a man?


Mike:  that is blog worthy isn’t it?

Me: You bet.


My Inner Princess

Which Disney Character is your Alter Ego?
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You scored as Sleeping Beauty

Your alter ego is Princess Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty! You are beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever.

Sleeping Beauty






The Beast


Donald Duck


Snow White




Peter Pan




Cruella De Ville



Making the Valentine’s Tree

Here is the OFFICIAL instructions.  But I kinda did my own thing a bit too.  Like Monica, I chose to write something of my own- so I chose 1 Cor. 13: 4-13 over and over.  And I used only cardstock for the tree and the hearts.  So you can play around.  I am thinking of doing letters for the kids rooms now with different papers.  I will let you know how things go!!