Mission Report

Here are a few photos from Jack’s Mission Report!  His Mission was San Fernando

Img_0332 This is his pastel- isn’t it amazing??



8 thoughts on “Mission Report

  1. Great job, Jack! It is wonderful to see a product that a fourth grader worked on himself. Jack did a super job and he actually did it. Has he taken art or drawing classes?

  2. Jack, You need to make a picture for my house. I would love to hang some of your artwork. Great job and I hope you feel better.
    Love you…

  3. My first thought: OMG, that’s so much better than I could draw.
    It’s so great!!! I love that he got the San Fernando Mission. (Insert Valley Joke Here)

  4. I’ve seen the art in person, and I can guarantee you–it’s beautiful! The perspective, hard to do by itself and even harder with pastels–is remarkable. Congrats, Jack! We’re sure you made your teacher breathless.

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