Sheesh, and it’s raining

OK, so life is a bit hectic around the Casa De Markmiller. 

Jack just turned in his Mission project!!  This is the fourth grade BIG project out here in CA.  I have to upload some photos- he made a beautiful pastel of his mission.  I am very proud of him.

Sammy has discovered that he likes to spin.  OK, if he was not 6- I might be more concerned about developmental issues, but I just think he likes to be dizzy.

Katie Mei wants me to read everything in sight, so we are starting to learn to read.  She is taking to it quite well!  Smart little thing.  Oh, she told me today that when "I yawn my eyes leak water.  There must be a hole in my head".

Michael is an amazing husband, who is taking me on a little get away in February! : )  yeeee!!!

Fenway, our sweet 10 year old pup is getting used to the idea of his new friend.  I just like it when he kinda shoots this look over to Copley like- Dude, seriously?

Copley.  Ah, sweet soft eared dog.  He is feeling top of his game- and has come out of his shell.  He is quickly learning who is his Pack Leader.  And I make sure that I am exuding positive energy at all times.  Thank you, Cesar Millan.

And me, you ask?  Well.  I rejoined Weight Watchers after my pants started feeling a bit snug and I realized I had just eaten 3 spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff for no good reason.  And I got my glasses.  BOTH sets.  And, well, I just feel old. 

And, it is raining.  I love the rain.

There is our family update.  Sounds a bit like a Christmas letter.  Feel free to read out loud in a dramatic way! ; )


9 thoughts on “Sheesh, and it’s raining

  1. Busy, busy family!
    I’m thinking about doing WW again, too. But I keep hoping I’ll be pregnant and not have to do that until after the pregnancy instead. Sigh…

  2. oh glasses – I had to give up on contacts and wear glasses all the time.
    yup – i feel old.
    However, I’d feel awful young if my hubby would take me away on a little getaway!

  3. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!!!!
    Good for you! Make sure you go to a regular meeting – the meetings are the way to really make it work!
    (And I’ll send you my WW recipe for shepherd’s pie).
    I love the part about Copley and Fenway. Dude, seriouslY? hee!

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