Copley Update *update

Thank you all for the sweet thoughts, prayers, comments and emails about Copley.  He is doing better.  We were supposed to be able to pick him up this morning- he is able to eat and drink and he has no more fever- but this morning when we called they said we had to wait until the doctor saw him this morning because now he is coughing.  So we are still waiting.  We just miss him.  I will keep you guys updated!!  You all are the best.

HE IS HOME!!!  Yay!!  Kennel cough and all, he is home…


5 thoughts on “Copley Update *update

  1. SIGH – bummer! Keep me updated. We’re going on a couple of field trips this afternoon with my dad, looking in on a couple of perspective Cash puppies. I’ll keep you updated as well.

  2. Kennel Cough – ick – we’ve had our share of that here. Watch for Fenway because Kennel Cough is contagious.
    I am so happy that the cutey pie is feeling better. And a late congrats on the little guy.
    When I cleaned out my links, I lost you for a bit but I am so happy that I rediscovered you 🙂
    Happy New Year!

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