What do you call this?


Michael and I have a disagreement.  What do you call this small towel that you use in the bath tub?


18 thoughts on “What do you call this?

  1. I call it a wash cloth. Someone near and dear to me–okay, it’s my mother–calls it a bath rag, which grates on my last nerve. It’s become a joke between us.

  2. That would be a wash cloth. As Amy posted, my own patriarch and his matriarch would also call it a warsh cloth, or warsh rag. Rag is only applied to the wash part if it has become unusable for human bodies. It then becomes a nasty rag to use for car cleaning, and scrubbing nasties from other places in the home, never to be used on a human again.

  3. When I was a kid, my family wasn’t classy enough to have “washcloths”, so we were happy to have washrags. Frequently, we made do with old corn husks or newspaper.

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