Michael and Jenny Part V

We went to lunch that afternoon in November.  I remember sitting across from Michael at Coral Beach Cantina, eating a burrito and smiling incessantly.  My head was all giddy with the thought of actually being with him.  As we talked and laughed, thoughts kept racing through my head.

Was he feeling the same way?

Did he LIKE me?

He is so cute.

Do I have cilantro in my teeth?

After lunch, we drove to the beach- a beautiful spot overlooking Malibu called Point Dume.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside.  We could see up and down the coast forever.  We were talking non stop.  About MIT, about life at Maria Montessori in San Diego.  About God.

He turned and looked at me and just grinned.  I grinned back and my stomach flipped over.  You know that feeling you get right before you go down a HUGE hill on a roller coaster?  Or the first time you ski down a hill?  Or the first time you stand at the edge of a huge canyon and look down?  THAT kind of feeling.



"Can I do something that I have wanted to do for a long time?"


He kissed me.  Sweet and innocent, but a kiss that changed my world.  It was at that very moment, I knew that I would marry Michael Markmiller one day.

I could have kissed him forever.  We spent the rest of the afternoon holding hands and reveling in the fact that our relationship had just changed.  I felt beautiful.  I felt loved and protected and desired.  I felt no fear, no worry.  I felt peace and I felt as though I belonged.  Amazing what pure love and a sweet kiss will do for a woman.

That weekend was too short.  Too soon Michael traveled back to MIT.  We spoke on the phone every day continuing our long distance friendship.  I knew, though, that I desired nothing more then to be in the same place as Michael all the time.  And he felt the same way.  So, I made the choice to go back to school and get my degree.  In Boston. 

In 1992, I started my college journey at Lesley University while Michael welcomed me with open arms to Boston.  It was the start of an amazingly delicious 4 years in an amazing town.  Where we fell in love with each other. It was where we spent evenings walking through Harvard Square talking about our dreams.  It was afternoons of watching Michael play volleyball.  It was parties in Baker House laughing at our drunk friends, and dancing.  It was snowfalls.  It was walks in the rain where we kissed like fools. 

Meals in the North End and Cannoli’s from Mike’s Pastry Shop.  Church at Park Street Church, and going to the college group together. Praying together.  Making young couple friends, Jack and Tricia- who were a bit ahead of us, getting engaged and married.  IT was a sweet, deliciously romantic and dizzyingly secure time.  I cannot imagine a better courtship period.  It lasted almost 4 years.  And by the end of year 3, I was starting to worry and wonder if we would EVER get married.

And then, it happened.  That cold March day.  Michael and I were hanging out in my dorm room.  He was acting strange.  Really strange.  I was nervous. 

"Jen, I need to tell you something."

"OK"  I said, looking at this boy whom I loved.

"I am not sure how to say this.  I love you."

"I love you too."

He looked at me then.

"I know you do.  That makes this hard.  I need some time."

Huh?  Time for what?

"What?"  I asked, genuinely confused.

"I think we need to take a break from each other."


"Huh?"  my heart was pounding a so fast.  Tears already sprang to my eyes.  WHAT?

"You want to break up with me?"  I asked

"I think so. Yeah, I do"  He said.

To be continued…..


Laura, Laura, Laura

Oh, Laura.  While perhaps not as many photos as your Jenny Show, I daresay the Laura show is just as tear-jerking.  I love you, my friend.  Oh, and,  Happy Un Birthday!!!




Moody Tuesday

Finally, today was a beautiful, sunny day. Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain. LOVE the rain.  But after a week or so of rain, with sick kids and a dog in his adolescence who NEEDS 2 walks- I am really happy for a couple of rays. 

I have been anxiously waiting on email from friends of ours from church who have been in China for 2 weeks now adopting their amazingly beautiful son, Ryan.  I am so excited because they are coming home tomorrow!  After dropping the kids off at school, I am high-tailing it to LAX to welcome the family home and to smooch up those sweet cheeks!!!  I cannot wait.  This has been an amazing whirlwind of a journey for them, and I am so so happy for them as a couple to finally be holding their child.

Ok, so part 5 (I think) of the Michael and Jenny: A love story is coming up too.  Hopefully tomorrow.  Would you help me though?  Name this story.  I need a catchy title.  Ok, here are a couple of goofy photos.

Img_0241 Oh man, you just have to love that boy.

Img_0256 Sarah and Katie Mei, best friends.

Oh, and because I have had requests, I will post a photo of me in my new glasses with my new sassy hair.  Sometime.

Menu plan with sickies *updated for Courtney- RUNZA link

First off, our menu!



B:  (kids are sick, so Kate had waffles, boys plain toast)

L:  Chicken noodle soup, crackers

D: Chicken Parm. sandwiches, green salad


B: Eggs, english muffins

L:  Turkey and Cheese, apples, chips

D:  grilled halibut, rice, zuchinni


B: smoothies

L:  noodles, fruit

D:  Runzas, green salad (here is the link to the wikipedia post about Runzas- and a recipe link is there too…yummy!!)


B:  Waffles, fruit

L:  PB&J, fruit and chips

D:  Turkey Burgers, baked fries, sliced tomatoes


B:  Homemade granola (I will post the recipe-it is AMAZING and soooo easy)

L:  Hot Lunch

D:  Homemade pizza and cesar salad

Ok, now, Jack and Sammy have  a little tummy bug.  Katie is driving me insane.  AHHHHH, the life of a stay at home momma.

Sheesh, and it’s raining

OK, so life is a bit hectic around the Casa De Markmiller. 

Jack just turned in his Mission project!!  This is the fourth grade BIG project out here in CA.  I have to upload some photos- he made a beautiful pastel of his mission.  I am very proud of him.

Sammy has discovered that he likes to spin.  OK, if he was not 6- I might be more concerned about developmental issues, but I just think he likes to be dizzy.

Katie Mei wants me to read everything in sight, so we are starting to learn to read.  She is taking to it quite well!  Smart little thing.  Oh, she told me today that when "I yawn my eyes leak water.  There must be a hole in my head".

Michael is an amazing husband, who is taking me on a little get away in February! : )  yeeee!!!

Fenway, our sweet 10 year old pup is getting used to the idea of his new friend.  I just like it when he kinda shoots this look over to Copley like- Dude, seriously?

Copley.  Ah, sweet soft eared dog.  He is feeling top of his game- and has come out of his shell.  He is quickly learning who is his Pack Leader.  And I make sure that I am exuding positive energy at all times.  Thank you, Cesar Millan.

And me, you ask?  Well.  I rejoined Weight Watchers after my pants started feeling a bit snug and I realized I had just eaten 3 spoonfuls of marshmallow fluff for no good reason.  And I got my glasses.  BOTH sets.  And, well, I just feel old. 

And, it is raining.  I love the rain.

There is our family update.  Sounds a bit like a Christmas letter.  Feel free to read out loud in a dramatic way! ; )

10 things meme from my sister….

My sister, Amy had this little meme on her blog….

1.     Favorite ride at Disneyland?     Big Thunder Mountain

2.     What is your cell phone ring?  Depends on who calls.

3.     If you could only eat one food , what would it be?  Bread

4.     TV show you just cannot miss? LOST, Jon and Kate Plus 8

5.     Do you sing when you drive?  Yes

6.     Do you have a favorite fragrance?  Tiffany or Exotic Coconut by Bath and Body Works

7.     Best lip care product? CO Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint by Bath and Body Works

8.     How do you drink your coffee or tea?  In a large cup with ice and a straw, and call it Diet Coke.

9.     Do you believe in God?    Yessireee

10.   If you could be anywhere right now, where would it be?  In Maui with Michael