Farmers Market


How beautiful are all the fruit and vegetables at a farmers market?  Katie and I took a long walk up to our local farmers market…..oh how I love Farmers Market….such amazingly beautiful fruits and veggies…and very interesting people. We had a great time and bought some beautiful fruits and veggies. 

The money fast is going well. I have yet to get the "itch" to go to Target. 

So, I thought I would ask for some reader help.  Ask me something.  About me, my home, my kids, my husband?  Anything you would like to know???  Ok, GO.


3 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. Okay, I have got to know, do you not eat out the entire month? I am not sure my four kids could handle that! đŸ™‚
    I think your money fast sounds like a great idea. I get the same callings from Target and I should ignore them more often then I do.

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