This morning….and officially day1 of the fast…

Good Morning!  This morning we heard a train come by.  Not really out of the blue as we live right on the RR tracks.  But this train started sounding strange.  Like people, lots of people saying things.  It was in a rhythm.  It had a great cadence.  Mike and I were looking at each other, puzzled.  So I opened the back door to hear better.  I thought, that train is talking to us.  Then I began to pick out words.  Boo-ya.  Hmmm.  I know that a branch of the US armed forces says Boo-ya.  So I ran out the front door in time to see a BUNCH of motorcycle police, followed by a group of soldiers.  Running.  Chanting together.  There was an officer at the front holding an American Flag and one holding an armed forces flag.  Then followed about 200 hundred soldiers.  Running.  And chanting.  I have to say I was in awe.  I was really touched by this site.  Following the soldiers, there were more soldiers, in full uniform running barefoot.  BAREFOOT.  I was really in awe.  I am so thankful for the soldiers that defend our country.  THANK YOU.

Today is officially Day 1 of my money fast.  I am excited and totally pumped for it. I finally got my shopping done and I am prepared with lists of things to get done this month.  Pray for me if you think of it. 

Here is a favorite photo…. enjoy your weekend….



4 thoughts on “This morning….and officially day1 of the fast…

  1. Your hallucinations are interesting. (Since you sent me your blog link in a message I had to look.) I have a solution for you on the money fast. Bring all your extra cash that you do not want to spend to rehearsal and I will HOLD it for you until you need it. Like 20 years or so when you and Mike REALLY need it. OK?

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