Day 1 and Halloween wrap up

I am so thankful for late start!!  LOL, the boys school had late start today- lol!!  We had a great time last night.  The kids had a grand old time at school and then last night with friends trick or treating.   Thank you all who came last night, we need photos!! : )  (Our camera is DEAD, totally DEAD)

Offically DAY 1 of my money fast.  Ok, so I am going to have to start tomorrow.  Yesterday was my big shopping day, went to Costco and left my left arm there to pay for it all.  But, being Halloween yesterday, I needed to go get gas, go to the grocery store and buy a birthday gift.  So I am going to do those 3 things today and then I am done.  YEeehaw. Anyone else on board?

2 thoughts on “Day 1 and Halloween wrap up

  1. I am, but a little differently. I have food in my pantry (canned, dried, spaghetti, etc) that hasn’t been touched in a while so I am working on cooking those things in my pantry and limiting my grocery shopping to perishables (fruit, milk, eggs).
    I did buy 10 loaves of bread for $10 at Vons. They are going to be used for sandwiches over the next few months (I have a chest freezer in the garage for the ones not being used). I also came across some great crock pot recipes that use ingredients I have on hand. If I don’t have the ingredients, I either substitute or don’t use the recipe right now.

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