Part II

Jim and I continued dating- on and off for about 3 years.  Needless to say, my relationship with him was one that influenced not only how I viewed dating in general, but myself.  We had many fun times together, some that included a certain Michael Markmiller and his girlfriend at the time.  Sarah and I became very close friends and often talked about our sweet budding relationships with our boyfriends.

I never had the guts to tell Sarah how jealous I was of her relationship with Michael.  Not that I wanted to date him at all, but simply how he treated her.  Jim had a wandering eye- and often acted upon it, not really caring about me or my feelings.  I was devoted to him- even to the point where I truly believed (at 19) that this was the person I was meant to spend the rest of my life with.  Oh how wrong I could be.

The times when Jim showed me attention, I soaked them up like a dry sponge with its first drops of water.  It didn’t matter to me how he did, or if it was simply because the flavor of the week had turned on him- he was calling me, talking to me and kissing me goodnight again.  I knew, each time that this time would be THE TIME that I won his heart.  But through it all, I was losing my faith, I was losing my self- respect and I had totally lost my heart to a boy who treated me poorly.

This was a totally tumultuous time in my life.  By 1988, I had graduated high school, and moved up to the "high school with ashtrays" world of junior college.  (Things are much different in JC’s today). My parents were going through a very messy divorce- where often my mom and I were struggling for money.  I was following Jim around like a lost little puppy.  In 1989, he went away to school, and while my heart still pined for him, stayed true to him- he made it extremely clear that when he was home, if no one else was around, he would hang out, but otherwise I was a nuisance.  I had pretty much hit the bottom of the barrel.

Throughout this whole time, Mike and Sarah had continued dating.  Michael took a year off after graduating high school – deferring his MIT entrance a year- and did some really amazing things.  Friends of all of ours were getting married the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Jim, Sarah, Mike and I had all been invited- and I was singing at the wedding.  Jim would not come down to go with me, so I was the third wheel with Mike and Sarah. 

The wedding was sweet and romantic and wonderful.  I was sitting at a table at the reception, feeling low, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

It was Michael.

"Would you like to dance with me?" He smiled down at me.

"I can’t- it would be awkward – dance with Sarah" I said.

"Go on- I told him to ask you!"  Sarah said to me.

"OK, thanks!" I felt lower then low at that moment.

Michael walked me to the dance floor.  The music started, and it was Elvis Presley singing "I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You."  Little did I know that Michael ADORED Elvis.  And little did I know that that night I would look at Michael with different eyes.

Jim came down another weekend when Michael was home, and we all decided to have a fancy double date at The Charthouse.  I got all dolled up.  Black dress, heels, cute hair, make up the works.  We had a fun date that night.  I remember I was sitting directly across from Michael.  He kept glancing at me.  I caught his eyes a couple of times.  My stomach flipped flopped.  And I didn’t quite know why.

After that dinner, Michael flew back to DC where he was working at the time.  But something happened.  He called me.  And we talked almost every night until Christmas.  Nothing unusual, just 2 friends laughing and talking together.  Until I asked him a question.

"Hey, remember when we went to the Charthouse?"  I asked

"Oh yeah- that was a great night"  he said.



"Why were you looking at me so much that night?" I asked.

Silence.  Oh crap, I thought.  Maybe I had had a piece of broccoli in my tooth.  CRAP.

"I don’t want you to take this the wrong way." he said. "I don’t want to say the wrong thing"

"OK," I said "but, you won’t and I won’t."

"Well, (big pause) OK, I kept looking at you- and seeing how pretty you looked that night," he said and took a deep breath. "I saw you laughing and talking and I just knew I wanted my wife to look like you."

to be continued…..


Cover your mouth


It NEVER fails.  Whenever my sweet husband goes out of town….someone gets sick.  Thankfully, not bad barfers this time.  Just coughing.  And a little fever.  And snot.  And more coughing.  And that is just me! : )  Jack is ok, little cough, but not bad.  Same with Sammy.  Katie Mei has a little fever (just last night, today is ok) and an awful cough.  I sound like I’ve been smokin a pack a day for my entire life.  And feel pretty poopy too.  And, hey, I just read my sister, Meg’s blog- she is sick too. HMMMM, sorry Meg, if we got you sick! : (

Part I

It was my first date with him.  Oh I knew I was not his first choice, but I was going!  Not only was it my first date with him, but my first concert.  I couldn’t wait.  I took time to get ready.  I put on my best jeans. a peach colored shirt and my boots.  I took time with my make up and dabbed some lip gloss on.  I sprayed some Beautiful on and left for the west side.

I was really nervous as I walked up to his door.  I so wanted him to like me.  He opened the door "Hey" he said- "Come on in".  I walked in and met his parents.  I was shaking like a leaf.

"My best friend is coming to pick us up", he smiled at me.

"Great", I said and smiled back.

We heard the car pull up at the bottom of the driveway and walked out the door.  We walked toward the grey 4 runner.  He opened the back door and climbed in.  I followed him.

"Hey, Mike, this is my friend, Jenny, Jenny, this is Mike" Jim said.

"Hi" Mike smiled.

"Hey" I said smiling at the blond with the bright blue eyes.  "Thanks for driving"

"No problem- Sting will be awesome" he smiled as he glanced at the pretty brunette in the front seat next to him.

We took off.  I glanced at Jim and sighed.  My first date with Jim.  And the night I met Michael Markmiller….my life would NEVER be the same again….

to be continued….


Happy Birthday


Happy Birthday to you, Christina!  I know you love it so much when I get sappy- but…

I am so thankful for you.  I cannot count the times we had spoken on the phone, about everything and nothing all at the same time.  I know how your morning is going just by how you say hello.  You are an inspiration to me as well- in many ways.  You have encouraged my hidden crafty side.  You have revived my romantic side- and helped me become daring and creative. 

You can make me laugh, even when I want to cry. You say it is ok for me to drink diet coke.  You entertain me with stories of your sweet children, your silly and caring husband and your dogs from "down there" (as my kids say).  I love how I can talk to you about anything, and know I am not being judged.  I love that  you know me- and I love that if I simply just need to cry, you are there.  I also love that if I say "Pasta" you know what I mean.

Happy Happy Birthday, my friend!  I love you!


It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year….


Good Morning!!  I LOVE this time of year!!!  We had a great weekend- some wonderful friends spent the weekend with us.  We had pumpkin bread, we watched our kids play together.  We had a great morning at church yesterday and then traveled to my sister’s house for soup, bread and fun.  We had a great time with you guys- Meg, Jaime and Carson- LOVE YOU!!  Michael is off to TX this week.  So the menu plan is a tad different.  I think pancakes for dinner, complete with picnics on the floor and all.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I have been caught up in a romantic mood as of late.  I may follow the example of the Pioneer Woman and begin telling the story of my relationship with Michael.  It is a pretty good one.  But, am not sure yet. 


Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!!




We had a great day with my family yesterday at Disneyland and California Adventure.  My sisters were there with their families and my parents came along as well.  This is my folks with their grandchildren.  We had such a great time.  My folks went on California Screamin’- amazing for almost being 80.  We got Katie on Soarin’ Over California- my all time favorite and she LOVED it.  We got to see the Holiday Small World and spend time laughing with my sisters.  LOVED IT.  Michael was even able to join us in the evening.  Awesome.  Love you all!!

Corn_chowder_bowl When in doubt, pinkie out.

Sisters_1_2007 Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters…