Crazy Lady Menu Nov. 2007

Let me know if you can see all this! Sheesh.

*BTW, have no clue why, but breakfast is listed on the bottom.  On mine at home, it is listed on the top.  No clue as to why it swapped spots.  Also, S= supper.  I wanted it BLD but the calendar kept listing it in alphabetical order, so I used Supper instead.  Now, it made no difference anyway.  Heh.


10 thoughts on “Crazy Lady Menu Nov. 2007

  1. Well, I’m hoping (for your sake) Mike might be taking you out eventually during this month and you won’t have to cook every night. I know one thing, you won’t be having roasted chicken on November 10th, remember? IMPRESSIVE, JENNY, IMPRESSIVE!

  2. But…but…how did you know what you’d want to eat? Are you saying that I’m supposed to put my *brain* in charge instead of my stomach? But she’s been in charge for so long!!! She gets cranky if I don’t listen to her.
    did you go through cookbooks? This is all so fascinating and foreign to me. It’s like you’ve written down your plans for conquering Mars.

  3. Mars, hmmm? LOL, I do look through cookbooks, and websites and such to get ideas. I also have some great recipes that are well loved. BTW, if a day comes up and I don’t feel like what is there, I often swap it, or make something that I happen to have all the ingredients for. Like for breakfasts, the kids always have the option of cereal.

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