Money Fast


I want to preface this post by saying….we are totally fine with our finances.  Nothing wrong.  Also, I want to say that I have been doing great with my spending.  But I am feeling a need to go on a money fast for a month.  I did this a year or so ago and it was amazing.  It really caused me to rely on God more for some issues that were hiding behind random trips to Target.  So, starting Nov. 1st I will be on a money fast for the month.

What does this entail?  Planning a month worth of meals for one.  A big trip to Costco.  I will be going to either the grocery store or Farmer’s Market for the weekly fresh veggies and fruits, but that will be it.  I give my debit card to my hubby to hold and keep a 20 in my wallet just in case.  It takes some planning.  It takes resolve and prayer.  But I tell you, by the end of that month I was amazed at not only what I got accomplished, but my creativity, my prayer life and my fitness improved. 

All in all, I really feel that it is a neccesary thing to do.  I will be posting my menu and shopping list.  I will also be asking for any tips!  Anyone else want to try it with me? 


5 thoughts on “Money Fast

  1. I just got a book from the library by Steve and Annette Economides called, “America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money”. Very practical advice on grocery shopping, budgeting, conquering emotional spending, etc. I decided the first step was to get a copy from the library instead of buying it. They give credit to Larry Burkett and Crown Ministries.

  2. Good luck! When I was pretty darn poor, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the Palmetto Court days, I had exactly $5.45 to spend every day after rent, utilities, etc. This represented meals, gas, clothing, cat food, etc. I have to say it was really fun! Of course, I was single and boho and thought it was kinda of romantic to struggle, but still, living under those kind of constraints really can be creative and liberating. Not that I want to join you ๐Ÿ˜‰ but still!

  3. okay – THIS is something I need to try. But what about gas money? What about Starbucks? What about the five dollar bills I rip in half and set on fire and fling out my car window?
    You gave me anxiety just *thinking* about this. a sure sign that I may need to join you on your quest.
    What about Thanksgiving???

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