Oh that Sammy

This morning at "Flag" (3 mornings a week the boys school has flag in the mornings), Sammy’s class was doing a poem during flag.  Sammy was given the opening part of Flag.  Which means he has to say "Color Guards advance…." and then wait for the middle school color guards to put the flag up.  Then Sammy says "would you please join the first grade in the Pledge of Allegiance".  Super.  He had that microphone and said beautifully and slowly, "Color Guards advance".  No color guards.  Says it again, nope.  So the head of the school looks and then remembers that the middle school is gone this week.  No color guards.  So Sammy says loudly and clearly "THERE ARE NO COLOR GUARDS".  I was dying.  So then he says "Please join the first grade in the pledge…"  He did such a great job.  I was cracking up though. THERE ARE NO COLOR GUARDS.  My boy.


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