Back to reality

I had such a great time on our retreat.  I loved it.  Loved the beds at the hotel with the yummy down comforter, loved the jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, loved the friends I spent time with, and loved the  speaker, who encouraged me greatly.

I was really happy to walk through my door at home and see the smiling faces running toward me, yelling, Momma!!! And to hold on to my sweet husband.  Today, though, has been a rough one.  The weekend away has wrecked a bit of havoc on the Markmiller kids.  I feel a bit overwhelmed now, but know that this is temporary. 

Does anyone else’s kids go through this?  Or is it just mine?  I just wonder sometimes if it is because we are together all the time that when I go somewhere it totally throws a wrench into life?  Wow, this has been a doozy of a day.

One thought on “Back to reality

  1. you are not alone… my kids also were a bit thrown by my absence… john was not home on sunday… but i told him that it felt like i just picked them up from a weekend at grandma’s house… pushing all the limits…

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